Glass Buddy was designed by a glazier that started out as a 1 man business. As he grew into a 4man glazing firm, the program has grown slightly to accommodate some key features which have now been included.

This fully automatic invoicing program will create invoices in less than a minute, it will calculate the square meters, lineal meters & add all other costs finger grips, polishing and silicones used. All you have to do is click what you have used, and it will record it.

Records all your overdue accounts, print reports, record all your payment types, and calculates GST paid.

Ability to send reminder letters

With just the click of a button it gathers all the invoice data and collates this into 1 of 4 levels of demand letters.

All you have to do is select when you want to send them

Our aim is to sell some copies of this program, so we can further develop this with some extra features, we are developing.
And because we are glaziers we are open to any input user might like added, if is an idea we haven’t thought of we will seriously think about implementing it, into this Glass Buddy program