A: This program has many features and once you’re placed a few invoices in you will have no issues using this program, as its easy to navigate around.

A: The pre-set prices is what the computer uses, should you wish to discount further all you have to do is select the amount you want to charge.

A: As we are glaziers first, who wanted a powerful invoicing program, as its now developed, all we are after is other users to benefit with minimal cost to them. As we sell more programs and as people suggest things then we will add them. other developers make programs just for their sole use to sell as there only source of income that’s why our program is such a great price.

A: Myob does not calculate the sqaure meter of glass and lineal meters, everything with MYOB is time consuming when creating an invoice, this program creates invoices faster and simpler.

A: All you have to do is set your labor, glass, material costs and type of work you do. Give her a job sheet with what your done and she just needs to fill in the blanks as it calculates totals with your figures.

A: Yes just select create insurance invoice.