Company Setup

Here all you have to do is fill in your own details such as :-
Company details- Name, address, phone numbers, email details, fax etc.
Your bank account where you want EFT payments to go
Any company logo or picture of your vehicle for the letter head.

This program runs with imperial or Metric.


The features of this program is that you place your prices in the fields as a guide, should you wish to discount any price on any setting for any reason, all you have to do is mark it down as you like.
There are several templates of glass, jobs, and edgework types you can use. Or you rename them & set the price you want etc:-

  •   Set you labour fee’s, for call out fee, hourly rate, delivery charges, shuttering
  •   Set your material costs for silicon, beading, fixtures
  •   Set your costs for glass p/m2 several options for same type of glass, so its all flexible
  •   Set your fee’s for edgework, finger grips, cut outs, polishing, beveling & holes
  •   Once your set these prices they will save until you want to change them
  •   It even has the ability to store what you pay for the same glass, so you don’t estimate


* Decide whether it’s a standard invoice or an invoice with insurance details
* Creating an invoice will be as simple as filling in the customer details,
* Selecting if you want to post, email, or fax them the invoice
* Select if you want the glass information shown on the invoice

  or just list the type of glass installed
  or with the type of glass & the size
  or with the size type size and the meter square rate

* Fill in any order or reference numbers
* Select the glaziers who were on site if you want, so you can recall who did the job.
* Select the type of job is just a click (replaced broken glass in window with new glass )
* Select the type of glass used with a click, put in the sizes you used.
* mention any edgework if any with just click
* mention any materials, silicon, beading, fixtures or complete shower screens if needed
* the program will calculate the labour, and the glass, edgework, and materials
* create an invoice and email post or fax within a minute, think how much you could save by emailing or faxing invoices


You can add any email, image or work drawings of a job or photo to any invoice for your own reference to look back on or recall information about a particular job.

Helping make your office less cluttered with paper, should an agent or client email you a work order simply drag the order to the invoice, or even the payment remittance slips. Its all going to be accessed whenever you like.

Double Glazed Units

We have now added the ability to record and price the glass used in double glazed units, it’s as simple as listing the types of glass the size and the spacer once saved its invoiced automatically.

Quoting & Staff

How many times have you typed up calculated the glass and material for a job and written up a quote, then had to post or email it off.

With this feature you can create a quote and post it /email/fax it off. When the customer wants the job done, all you have to do is select convert quote to invoice and its automatically becomes an invoice ready to post with a click of a button.


List your staff and there contact details,

By using this feature you can add a name to a job completed for future references.

Issue a staff member restricted or full access to the glass program, so they can print receipts etc


Some Glaziers have their office staff or partners help answer the phone, sometimes confusing the wrong thickness glass with the area permitted to glaze, with this feature you can set the maximum area allowed for each thickness, so that you will be prompted when quoting a job greater than the current safety code allows.

As the screen shows the 6.38 Clear laminated is set that anything over 3 Square meters is out of code so you will be prompted when entering data greater than 3mt Square

Purchase Orders

Simply create a purchase order and email or fax it off to your supplier in seconds.