The features of this program is that you place your prices in the fields as a guide, should you wish to discount any price on any setting for any reason, all you have to do is mark it down as you like.
There are several templates of glass, jobs, and edgework types you can use. Or you rename them & set the price you want etc:-

  •   Set you labour fee’s, for call out fee, hourly rate, delivery charges, shuttering
  •   Set your material costs for silicon, beading, fixtures
  •   Set your costs for glass p/m2 several options for same type of glass, so its all flexible
  •   Set your fee’s for edgework, finger grips, cut outs, polishing, beveling & holes
  •   Once your set these prices they will save until you want to change them
  •   It even has the ability to store what you pay for the same glass, so you don’t estimate